How to Blackjack

Example of a blackjack hand in the game.

Example of a blackjack hand in the game.

Blackjack, also called “Twenty-one” (or just “21”) is one of the most popular of casino games in part because of its simplicity and the widespread belief that it is one of the “fairest” games offered by casinos. The house odds in Blackjack are thought by many to be the worst in most casino games.

Of course, the house still wins most of the time and people who plan to win at Blackjack are often frustrated. The story of Blackjack and how people have tried to game the system is long and varied. There are even popular movies that stimulate interest in the game by celebrating the (mis)deeds of card counters.

Gambling is an ancient passtime and it is one that has inspired passionate debate both pro and con. When managed carefully gambling venues can serve as safe entertainment. Does it matter if you lose $300 at a casino or spend $300 on a day trip through the wilderness? As long as you enjoy yourself and continue to live a happy, productive life gambling is not a danger to your health or livelihood.

Of course, some people become better gamblers than most — and these people often “go pro”. We watch them play in tournaments and we dream of what it would be like to win thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in high stakes games. The fantasy is part of the rich experience that makes Blackjack so enjoyable. You don’t have to risk everything on the next card. You can manage your money, hedge your bets, and maybe — just maybe, win enough hands that you walk out of the casino a winner.

This Website does not advocate gambling as a lifestyle choice. If you find yourself spending a lot of time in a casino and you have financial difficulties you may need to seek professional counseling. But if you just want to experience the excitement on vacation, maybe we can help you feel like a winner a little more easily. There are no guarantees in life or gambling, but that is part of what make them both interesting.